Claven Awards

的 Claven Awards are designed to recognize exceptional individuals who have made significant contributions to the Lauralton Hall community. T在这里 are three award categories:

Mother Mary Augustine Claven Award was inaugurated in 1980 on the occasion of the School’s 75th anniversary. A lifetime achievement award, the award is named in honor of Mother Mary Augustine Claven, Lauralton Hall’s foundress, whose spirit is at the core of Lauralton's mission and Mercy education values. 的 Claven Award is given to a woman who has exceptionally demonstrated in her personal life or career one or more of the core Mercy values:

  • Compelled By Mercy
  • Educational Courage
  • Inspired By Faith
  • Principled Leadership
  • A Voice For Dignity and Respect

Reverend Peter H. McClean Award honors the memory of Father McClean, revered mentor, chaplain and lifelong friend of Lauralton Hall. This award recognizes the dedication of a man whose enduring friendship and unusual generosity endear him to the Lauralton Hall community.

Reverend Cornelius J. Doherty Distinguished Service Award pays tribute to Father Doherty—priest, chaplain, friend and much loved teacher of Lauralton Hall. This award recognizes devoted faculty and staff members who have generously given of themselves through outstanding service.


Please click 在这里 to submit a nomination. Note: Nominees may be Lauralton Hall alumnae as well as parents (past and current), 受托人, faculty/staff (retired or current), and other members of the extended Lauralton Hall community. Awards may also be named posthumously.


View a list of past award recipients.

If you have any questions about the Claven Awards, please email or call 203.877.2786 ext. 115.

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